Astonishing Facts about the Cakes to Make Your Jaw Drop

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We come across many moments of celebrations in our life, and we choose to celebrate them with near and dear ones over a cake-cutting ceremony. Cakes are so famous around the globe because of their sweet taste, and they are worth making celebrations and moments special. People also choose to surprise their loved ones with cakes on special occasions.

Today, we have thought about hitting you sweetly with some cake facts that will blow your mind.
  • Did you know that according to an old American Superstition, ladies and girls used to keep a piece of a fruit cake under the pillow, and it was believed to find them a good husband?
  • Cakes were not the cakes that we eat and enjoy today. Cakes used to be hard-baked round pieces of bread from both sides, and there was no use of cream in the Middle ages. Regular loaves of bread were used for baking cakes with consistency brought from the use of butter and eggs.
  • The round shape of the cake is famous around the world because cakes used to be round in shape from the very beginning. And the round shape represents the sun and the moon. Today, there are various different shapes of cakes. Send cake onlineto surprise someone blocked with a square or heart-shaped cake.
  • The trend of wedding cakes is strolling rapidly around the world. But it was a bit different from before. Every guest who was invited to the wedding would bring a piece of cake. And it was believed that the higher the cake, the more that the couple is popular. It is known as a cake stacking custom.
  • We put candles on the cake, lit the candles, and then blew them. But do you know that there is a meaning behind it? Well, the cake is considered an offering to the Goddess of the Moon, and candles signify the symbol of the moon’s shining light.
  • Back in history, people in the party used to blow the candles on the cake, one at a time, because they believed that the smoke of the candles carried their prayer to heaven.
  • From January 1 to December 31, we celebrate and observe a lot of days. And one of them is National Cake Day, which falls on November 26.
  • Do you know that there is a special term to call the middle layer of the cake? Not many know about this, but you will know; it is known as Whooping Pies.
  • We can’t think about celebrating birthdays without cake today. But it has become a trend after someone has gifted a handmade cake to someone on their birthday. And the oldest reference to it goes back to 1785. You can send a birthday cake to someone special via online cake delivery in Gurgaon.
  • Who knew that one of the most loved cake flavors, the red velvet, got its recipe circulated around the world as a result of revenge? According to the story, an old lady ate a red velvet cake at a restaurant, but when she was charged high for the cake, she circulated the recipe as revenge.
  • Do you know that someone in this world holds a world record for eating 72 cupcakes in just six minutes?
  • The cake has also generated a dance form known as a cakewalk. This form was originated by an African American, and there is a cakewalk dance competition where the cake is awarded to the winner.
  • Cakes are available in different price ranges but do you know that there is a world record for the most expensive cake ever? This cake was worth $35 million dollars, and it was named as “pirates fantasy’.
  • Do you know that cake art has evolved so much that bakers have started baking and making real-looking cakes? You can also have a customized cake. Order online cake by FlowerAura and get it customized with your name and photo.
  • Did you know that once a cake weighing 6.18 tons was baked? It was a birthday cake and the world’s largest cake made for Las Vegas’ centennial birthday.
  • The world’s tallest cake was 108 feet, 3 inches high. It was made in Jakarta by some school members.

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