What to Know About Custom Smokers

Offset smokers

Before starting a smoking project, it is vital to determine what kind of smoker you want. A smoker can be freestanding or fixed to a wall or masonry structure. Depending on your skill level, smokers can be made with welding, masonry, or a combination of both. However, if you aren’t a skilled welder, start small and build on your experience.


Freestanding custom smokers offer a range of features to make cooking your favorite meats a breeze. They can hold up to 200 liters of charcoal and feature eight removable racks to cook your favorite foods in the most authentic way possible. Available in various sizes, these BBQ smokers can be enjoyed by a single individual or built to fit in an outdoor kitchen or as extra capacity in a commercial environment.

Freestanding smokers are typically made of heavy-duty stainless steel and may come with a warranty so that you can be sure of its quality. Many freestanding smokers feature extra storage space underneath for BBQ tools and accessories. They can easily be integrated into your outdoor kitchen project and are available with various support bases.


Offset smokers are a great way to create the ultimate smoked meat experience. These smokers work by drawing air through the cooking chamber and releasing it through the smokestack. The airflow is controlled through damper vents. These smokers differ from traditional charcoal or gas barbecues because they are designed with volume and performance in mind. This means that they’re purist smokers.

Offset smokers are typically larger and can weigh several hundred pounds. They also require an hour of preheat time and are best for smoking low and slow. The offset design is also more user-friendly than most other types of smokers.


A custom smoker is built to the specifications you specify. This type of smoker will be crafted for your needs and designed specifically for your barbeque. The prices are based on the model of smoker that you want and may include the delivery costs. You can also customize the smoker during the quote process.

A custom smoker can cost anywhere from $400 to $2,000, depending on the materials used, capacity, and temperature range. They may also include wheels and thermometers. The famous Big Green Egg, a smoker that looks like an egg, costs around $700-900. Meanwhile, the Good One Open Range Patio Smoker 30-P costs $1,500. Its capacity is large enough to smoke a Thanksgiving turkey.


You must pay for shipping if you order a custom smoker from Stump’s Smokers, LLC. This shipping fee is a flat $5.00 for the entire order. If you are placing an order for a custom smoker, you can choose to have your order shipped via USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Ground. This is a good option if you’re pressed for time and need your custom smoker as quickly as possible. You can request this shipping option at Checkout. The company will contact you with a quote before shipping your smoker.