What is the best tool to strip wires?

strip wires

Many people suppose that strip wires are such a secular job that a decent wire baring tool is simply a luxury. However, if you’re a knowledgeable lineman operating with miles upon miles of wiring, having the most effective wire stripper reachable could be a life-saver.

A cable baring tool will prevent time and energy, particularly if you’re wiring a complete house. I’ve once experimented with scrutiny outlet installations employing a combination of pliers versus lineman wire strippers. I found that with an associate degree older employees will save a minimum of one minute per wire or six minutes per outlet.

On average, every home has seventy shops. This little device would save the American state a minimum of seven hours per point outlet installation only. It doesn’t even embrace the opposite tasks wherever I’ve saved even longer. You’ll undoubtedly save time associate degreed personnel if you’ve got an electrician wire stripping tool.

1. IRWIN VISE-GRIP 2078309 Wire Stripper

This is the final word handy wire stripper on behalf of me as a result it combines four tools into one: wire stripper, edge tool, wire crimper, and pliers. It’s versatile enough as a result it’s designed to figure with multiple wire sizes, from ten to twenty-two AWG. And you’ll use the pliers at the tip for actuation and process wire.

Furthermore, the Irwin stripper has integral wire crimps which will be used on insulated and non-insulated materials, guaranteeing that you simply have secure terminals. you’ll use simply this tool to finish a full outlet installation – which means you’ll conjointly save on weight with a lighter tool chest.

The wire cutter’s edges are induction hardened to form positive that they’re going to last as long as you wish them. however, the simplest issue that I favor concerning it’s its ProTouch grips, which create it simple to carry and cut backhand fatigue and arm stress, even though I’m sporting insulating gloves.


  1. The single tool combines four functions: wire stripper, cutter, crimper, and pliers
  2. Works with variable wire sizes, from ten to twenty-two AWG
  3. Pliers at the tip are used for pull and iteration wires
  4. For materials with and while not insulation
  5. Induction-hardened wire cutting edges guarantee longevity
  6. ProTouch grips build it straightforward to carry, reducing hand and arm stress


  1. When used with one hand, it opens a bit wide, making it unwieldy

 2. Klein Tools 11063W Wire Stripper:

Klein wire strippers also are every one of the tools I like to recommend for professionals. I favor this model due to its compound-action bearing, which permits you to grip the wire and then strip it in one compression action. This makes wire baring a single-handed job, permitting you to be a lot economical in your workflow.

This Klein tools edge tool and stripper dance band will accommodate solid wires from eight to twenty AWG and stranded wires from ten to twenty-two AWG. It may cleanly strip insulation up to an in. (25 mm) long in one step. You don’t ought to manually pull the wire to show the conductor within, because the tool can try this for you.

An issue that plagues some strippers is their inaccurate measure, which might cause wire injury throughout baring. To avoid this issue, Klein Tools precision-machined the baring holes, guaranteeing they match the indicated gauge. Finally, the wire grip is additionally tension-loaded in order that the stripped cable can hold its pure mathematics and not be bent out of form.


  1. Compound-action husking ensures that husking wires could be a one-hand task
  2. Can accommodate eight to twenty solid gauge wires and stranded wires from ten to twenty-two AWG
  3. Cleanly strips wire insulation up to an in. in an exceedingly single step
  4. Precision-machined husking holes guarantee correct and precise wire fitting
  5. Tension loaded grips ensure that the cable won’t align throughout husking


  1. Klein Tools provides poor customer support
  2. WGGE WG-015 Multi-Functional Wire Stripper:

This is one among the electrical wire baring tools I’ve antecedently worked with. It will cut and strip solid copper and Al wires from ten to twenty-two AWG. I may use its serrate nose to grip, pull, shape, and bend wires, negating the necessity on behalf of me to use and carry an additional combination of pliers.

I additionally appreciate it well once tool manufacturers think about the user in their style, and WGGE is one such tool maker. Their tool’s serpentine handle is ergonomically designed, creating it straightforward on my behalf of me to carry and use. I additionally just like the high-quality PP+TPR material they accustomed cowl the grips, optimizing force transmission and reducing slippage.

Best of all, the corporate has a superb quality assurance policy. If ever you’re sad along with your wire stripper, they’re going to either send a replacement tool or perhaps issue a refund. I’ll invariably respect a corporation that guarantees its accomplishment and stands behind its product.


  1. Cuts and strips copper and Al wires from ten to twenty-two AWG
  2. A serrated nose will grip, pull, shape, and bend wires
  3. The ergonomically-designed hooklike handle makes it straightforward to carry and use
  4. A high-quality PP+TPR handle optimizes force transmission and reduces slippage
  5. Excellent quality assurance policy with each replacement and refund guarantees


  1. It was necessary to file some teeth on the size gauges

4. DOWELL 54939 Wire Stripper:

This little wire baring tool permits you to strip wires in a very straightforward one-handed motion. it’ll grab hold, pull, and take away outer jackets cleanly, making certain that the conductor won’t get broken within the method. after you have this tool, you’ll be able to contour your advancement and end a lot of tasks.

The Dowell wire stripper comes with an inbuilt edge tool, that helps you to cut copper and Al cables from ten up to twenty-two AWG. It conjointly utilizes high-quality springs, that scale back the trouble needed to work the tool. This feature helps you to accomplish a lot with simply a hand.

I conjointly love the handle style of this wire stripper, which prevents accidental finger squeezes whereas in use. The complete conjointly utilized soft rubber handles with a surface coating to make sure that the tool wouldn’t slip from my hands even though I’m operating in wet or oily conditions.


  1. Works during a straightforward one-handed motion, creating it simple to use
  2. Doesn’t harm the conductor
  3. A built-in edge tool is used on copper and Al wires from ten to twenty-two AWG
  4. A high-quality spring reduces the hassle needed to control the tool
  5. The safe handle style helps stop accidents by preventing finger squeezes
  6. Soft rubber handles with surface coating make sure the tool wouldn’t slip.


  1. It is difficult to see the markings on the tool.