What are the characteristics of YouTube Premium and how to watch YouTube videos without paying?


YouTube Premium is a monthly service that promises to make watching videos on the most major video platform on the internet better. Youtube is a paid service that you have to sign up for, Costs very little, and gives its users plans that can save them money.

Premium lets you watch any video without seeing ads. It also allows you to watch and listen to audio and Video when you’re not online.

Every day, the money made from video ads decreases, so creators add more to their YouTube videos. So, with YouTube Premium, you can watch videos without interruptions and still help those who make them by clicking YouTube.com/activate.

There are many reasons to sign up for YouTube Premium. These are the

Ad-free viewing:

You can watch any YouTube videos on the site without having to deal with ads. When you sign in to YouTube with a Google account, we can watch videos without any platform ads. This includes the website, smartphones, Roku, and other streaming devices. You won’t see ads at the start, middle, or end of the Video. No add-ons. Neither banner is from a third party.

YouTube videos:

You can watch original content, most of which comes from well-known creators. You can also watch some TV shows, documentaries, and movies. With a YouTube Premium subscription, we can watch TV shows and movies that have yet to be released by some of the most popular YouTubers. Only paying for the premium version can see the high-quality, unique content.

The background music

With YouTube Premium, we can use a feature called “Play in the background” to keep watching YouTube videos or listening to music while using other apps on the device.

If you are working on a programme, the sound from the YouTube videos you watch will keep playing even if you leave YouTube and close the window. You can also listen to videos on Android while using other apps on the phone.

Download videos and watch them when you’re not online:

Sometimes you want to watch a video on YouTube, but you need more data, or you’re in a place with a poor connection. One of the best things about YouTube Premium is that you can save videos to watch whenever you want, online or off. But you can only download some videos because of where you are or who your partner is.

Paid YouTube Music:

People can access the Music Premium service and all its features. It lets us listen to songs without ads, download them so we can listen to them even when we’re not connected to the internet, play them in the background, or set the YouTube videos to audio mode (so we can listen to the music without the Video), which uses fewer data.

How to watch Amazon Prime without paying?

Airtel lets you watch Amazon Prime Video for free.

You can watch Amazon Prime Video without paying anything if you have Airtel. Airtel gives its prepaid and postpaid customers a chance to get a free membership to Amazon Prime. Airtel is the only telecom company in India that offers its prepaid subscribers a free subscription by clicking amazon.com/mytv.

With specific plans, you can recharge and watch Amazon Prime Video for free. You can also get free delivery, early access to sales, and special deals.

With the Rs. 699 and Rs. 999 prepaid plans, you can join Amazon Prime for free. You can get your free Prime Video subscription by recharging with either of the two prepaid plans.

Idea: Vodafone lets you watch Amazon Prime Video for free.

Customers of Vodafone-Idea can choose from plans starting at Rs. 499 to subscribe to Amazon Prime. With these postpaid plans, Vi users get an Amazon Prime membership, free unlimited calling, 200GB of data that can be used over and over again, and a Disney+ Hotstar subscription.

The phone company will also bring postpaid SIM cards to your door for free. You can place an order on the website or the Vi app.

Jio lets you watch Prime Video for free:

Jio’s prepaid plans do not come with a subscription to Prime Video. Jio, on the other hand, gives this perk to its postpaid and broadband customers. Plans for Jio Postpaid Plus start at Rs. 399 and go up.

All the Postpaid plus plans from the phone company come with a one-year membership to Amazon Prime.

There are also many other benefits to these plans. Some Jio Fiber broadband plans offer a free subscription to 14 OTT apps. So you can watch Amazon Prime Video for free with any project.

Watch Amazon Prime Video for free for 30 days when you sign up for Prime:

All Amazon users like to use the free trial of Amazon Prime. With the 30-day free trial, subscribers can use premium services, such as free delivery, exclusive deals, and access to prime Video. If you qualify, it’s easy to start the free trial.

It is necessary for the user to sign up for a free trial and pay Rs. 2 with certain bank cards to confirm the subscription. Once the free trial is over, users can use all paid services, including Amazon Prime Video.

Users can stop being charged for the service if they cancel the free trial within 30 days. So you can use the 30-day free trial to watch Amazon Prime Video for free.

But Amazon has stopped giving out free trials in India. This deal is no longer being made.

As part of the Youth Offer, you can get 50% off an Amazon Prime subscription:

Amazon has a Youth offer so that users can get a premium experience at a price they can afford. Youth members can get 50% cash back when they sign up for a Amazon Prime membership. Amazon is giving back Rs. 750 if you sign up for a one-year subscription. At the same time, you get Rs. 230 back if you sign up for three months.

After verification goes well, the cashback will be given. Amazon Youth is only for people between the ages of 18 and 24. Within 15 days of signing up, the user must prove their age with valid documents. Once your age has been confirmed, 50% of your cashback will be added to your Amazon Pay Balance.

You can use documents like your Aadhaar card, PAN card, driver’s licence, voter ID card, and passport to prove your age. Users can use this offer more than once before they turn 25.

With the Youth Offer, a 1-year membership to Amazon Prime costs Rs. 749, and a 3-month membership costs just Rs.

Sprite Amazon Prime Offer:

Here is the latest offer to watch Amazon Prime videos for free. With the Sprite offer, you can get a subscription for free. This deal is good for 600ml, 750ml, 1L, 1.25L, 1.5L, 1.75L, 2L, and 2.25L Sprite bottles.

One lucky winner gets a free subscription to Voot Select or Amazon Prime every second. The Sprite deal on Amazon Prime is good until October 15, 2022.

  • Buy the Sprite bottle that is on sale.
  • Look at the label for the 10-digit code.

Look at the QR code.

  • Use your phone number to sign up on the website.
  • Enter the unique code.
  • You could win a free one-month Voot Select or Amazon Prime

You must buy a Sprite bottle and look for the 10-digit code. Scan the QR code and enter your phone number to sign up. You can win a free Amazon Prime membership if you enter the unique code.