Six Secrets About Solventless Cannabis Extracts

    California solventless

    Solventless extracts like in California solventless are a new industry that’s just beginning to gain momentum. However, it’s already revolutionizing the cannabis industry. Known for their high purity, solventless extracts offer several benefits. For one, the solventless industry can provide an organic and safe product that is better for the environment.

    99% Pure Dry Sift

    Dry Sift Hash is one of the easiest forms of hash to make with minimum processing input. It is a solventless source material that is just as high quality as Bubble Hash, and it can stand on its own as a quality solventless rosin source material. However, the process is not without its problems. Aside from the difficulty of extraction, Dry Sift Hash should have superior flavor and strength.

    The dry sifting process involves using screens to separate the trichome heads from the plant material. While plant material remains above the sifting screen, the trichomes fall through and are collected. Dry Sift Hash is the original solventless cannabis concentrate and possesses high concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes. It is also a premium source material for rosin pressing.

    Fresh Frozen

    Solventless extraction methods require fresh frozen solutions to maintain shelf-life. Therefore, retailers must store solventless products in freezers. In addition, solventless extraction methods are safer for consumers, as solvent-based products use flammable chemicals that are heated at high pressure and heat. Moreover, rosin products are more potent than solvent-based products because they do not undergo decarboxylation and retain their original molecular structure.

    Fresh frozen cannabis can be a great option for solventless extraction because it preserves more terpenes and cannabinoids. Moreover, the extraction method does not require a full melt hash, meaning it can produce a higher-quality product without sacrificing flavor.


    The process of extracting cannabis resins from the trichomes of cannabis plants is often called trichome extraction. During this process, cannabis plants are placed in sub-zero temperatures to preserve the terpenes and other plant materials. This helps the final product retain its natural aromas. After the trichomes have been harvested, the plants are placed in a work bag or food-grade mixing machine and are mixed with ice water. The mixture of ice, water, and trichome heads is then passed through layers of bubble bags containing various filtration levels. This process separates trichome heads into uniform sizes.

    The process of extracting cannabis trichomes is similar to winemaking. It requires a combination of heat and pressure to separate the trichomes from the flower. Next, the trichomes are squeezed out to release the terpenes and active cannabinoids. The resulting extract is then dried and cured.


    Solventless is a more environmentally friendly method of cleaning. It is less costly than traditional solvents and generates no ozone-depleting substances. In addition, water-based chemistries have limited temperature ranges, whereas solvents have a much wider range. A vapor degreasing process, for example, can use a solvent at temperatures ranging from -80C to over 200C.

    Solvent-based cleaners use a liquid to dissolve soil and grease. They can be formulated from a variety of compounds. Each type has different surface tension and cleaning abilities. For example, solvents have lower surface tension than water-based cleaners, which allows them to penetrate areas with tight clearance.


    Although many consumers may think solventless is safer than solvent-based products, this is not always the case. In addition to being more expensive, solvent-based products can contain toxins that can be harmful if consumed in large quantities. Whether the end product is safe depends on the process used to produce it. There are also legitimate concerns about toxicants and the possibility of catastrophic DIY accidents. But these concerns can be minimized by purchasing solvent-free products from reputable companies.

    In general, solventless extractions are safer for both extractors and consumers. In addition to providing a safer extraction experience, solventless is safer for the environment. Chemical-based solvents have a high carbon footprint and can contaminate local water supplies. In addition, solvent-based products contain volatile organic compounds that can harm the environment.

    More Expensive

    As the name suggests, solventless cannabis concentrates are more expensive than their counterparts. This is large because they require particular cannabis strains and high processing costs. This makes it difficult for small-scale producers to produce high-quality products without increasing prices. However, some companies have overcome these problems with their innovative solutions. For example, Jetty Solventless Vape solves this problem by providing a high-quality product for an affordable price. It also offers the purest vape experience, which experienced consumers prefer.

    Solventless hash is usually more expensive, depending on your price range, vendor, and expectations. For example, you shouldn’t pay $65 for rosin if you only need it for medical purposes. But, if you are not in a hurry, you can also opt for a lower-priced butane-based extraction.