Online Bike Insurance for New Riders: Tips for Finding Affordable Coverage

Are you planning on buying a new bike? What are the requirements to buy one? You can’t just buy a bike but need a temporary bike registration, insurance, sales certificate, roadworthiness certificate, and PUCC.

While considering so many things can be daunting, here is a post that will make it easy to get bike insurance online.

What is bike insurance?

As a new rider in India, it’s essential to prioritize your safety on the road. You can achieve this by getting two-wheeler insurance that provides you with comprehensive coverage for your bike.

Two-wheeler insurance is coverage provided for your bike by an insurance company. The insurer offers financial coverage to the bike owner against any loss or damages to the motorcycle due to several unforeseen circumstances.

Tips for finding affordable coverage

Typically the cheaper a plan is, the more vulnerability it leaves for you in the long term, which is why finding the best plan for your needs is essential.

1. Compare Policies

When searching for 2 wheeler insurance, look for several reputed insurance providers and compare the different policies they have provided. Check the coverage benefits, premium rates, claim settlement process, and customer reviews.

2. Third-Party Liability Insurance

Opting for third-party liability insurance can be the most cost-effective choice for new riders. This is the mandatory minimum requirement under the Motor Vehicles Act. This type of insurance covers damages or injuries caused to a third party in an accident involving your bike. It protects you from third-party liability and has a lower premium.

3. Insured Declared Value

Insured Declared Value is the maximum amount the insurance company will pay in case of a total loss or theft of your bike. As a new rider, consider a lower IDV to reduce the premium cost but ensure it is high enough to cover any accident or unforeseen circumstances.

4. No Claim Bonus

If you have not made any claims during the policy term, you can avail of a No Claim Bonus discount on your premium. NCB is a reward provided by insurance companies for being a safe rider. By not seeking small claims, you can get a no-claims bonus and thus pay a lesser premium.

5. Take Advantage of Online Bike Insurance Apps

Several insurance companies have launched apps to manage your policy and make claims online more convenient. These apps allow you to easily purchase and renew policies, file claims, and access policy documents.

What is the best bike insurance app?

A month ago, I bought my first bike and was plunged into the chaos of figuring everything out myself. There were so many documents and paperwork, and I was considering how daunting of a task getting insurance would be. My parents had always told me how laborious getting insurance was, but when I saw it for myself, I was stunned at how amazing Bajaj Finserv was in providing me with the best insurance for my bike.

Bajaj Finserv offered me the best coverage and premium rates. They also said that they had a quick and cashless claim settlement at networked garages, which required minimal paperwork, and I got my insurance super fast right for when I needed it.


In today’s date, finding affordable bike insurance coverage for a new rider is possible through insurance apps. So conduct thorough research, compare policies, and consider minimal plans such as third-party liability insurance, optimized IDV,  and NCB to reduce the premium you have to pay.

For the best deals and offers on your bike insurance, download apps like Bajaj Finserv and get affordable coverage that meets your needs as a new rider, ensuring that you ride with confidence and financial protection.