NeoMabTM: An Innovative Mouse Model that Produces Fully Human Antibodies.

Developed using the BALB/c mouse, this model retains native mouse constant region encoding genes while incorporating human variable gene repertoires into endogenous loci.

Antibodies derived from NeoMab™ mouse models offer:

  1. Close Resemblance to Human Immune Response: NeoMab™ mice utilize human V(D)J genes to encode antibodies, exhibiting gene usage frequency and sequence diversity that closely resemble those of humans.
  2. BALB/c Background: BALB/c mice are widely recognized in immunological research and used for their robust immune response.
  3. Effective In Vitro and In Vivo Functionality: The in vitro functional activity and in vivo efficacy of NeoMab™-derived antibodies closely mirror those observed in FDA-approved therapeutic antibody drugs.

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