How to Create a Memorable Logo

There are many tools to promote a brand, but at the initial stage, creating a memorable logo is crucial. It is the most vital element of branding and promotion.

What is a logo?

A logo is an individual style element that represents a graphic image. It is positioned next to the name of the company, website, or brand. Research shows that a compelling logo affects the overall perception of a product and helps present it in the best possible way. One of the critical advantages of creating a unique symbol is the protection it provides against imitations and fakes. Developing an individual symbol is an investment in the future success of your business.

How to create a logo online

Here are some ways to create a logo online:

  1. Design your logo by yourself using a graphic editor. If you have experience using design software, you can create a logo without spending any money. This method can take from a few hours to a week to come up with a design. The advantage is that you can make multiple versions of the logo before choosing the best one. However, if you’re not an expert and don’t have a creative vision, it may be tough to achieve outstanding results when designing by yourself.
  2. Hire a freelance designer. You can contract a freelancer to design a unique logo with your involvement in just a few days. The downside is the designer’s cost, which depends on their proficiency and rating.
  3. Use an online logo generator like Turbologo. This logo generator platform allows you to enter data for the designer and develops a picture in just a couple of minutes. The service gives a few results, from which you can select the most suitable logo. You can also edit the font, icon size, color, etc. After creating the perfect logo, it’s downloaded. TurboLogo creates an excellent, personalized logo for a reasonable fee within minutes.


If you have free time and are not in a hurry to promote your project, you can create the logo yourself. Otherwise, if you’re not skilled with graphic editors, learning how to design a logo can take time, and it may be worth hiring a freelancer. However, if you want your logo quickly for a small price, using a service like the Turbologo logo generator could be ideal. Whatever method you choose, remember that your logo is the most crucial element of your branding strategy, so invest your time and resources wisely.