How to Choose the Right Holster Shirt for Your Concealed Carry Needs

The idea behind concealed carry is to keep your gun hidden until needed. That’s tough to do if your holster prints through your clothing.

The best way to avoid printing is to wear loose-fitting clothing. That means a T-shirt or polo rather than skinny jeans. Shirts with pockets are suitable for carrying small firearms, too.


Shirts that conceal inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters without printing are ideal for everyday wear. These shirts look and feel like casual t-shirts or polo shirts but have high-quality fabrics and strategic construction to ensure your concealed carry holster is fully covered. At the same time, you move around freely and comfortably.

The holster shirts for concealed carry feature a soft cotton chambray with a dark stonewash, perfect for concealing the signature RAPIDraw placket and dual chest pockets. This tuckable concealed carry shirt also comes in women’s sizes, so you can stay comfortable carrying a handgun or other weapon.

Loose-fitting t-shirts, dress shirts, or polos are better at hiding your gun because tighter forms tend to mold to the shape of a firearm and show it. Experimenting with different shirt styles and materials can help you find the best one for your needs.


A holster shirt is ideal for concealing your firearm inside the waistband (IWB). This type of shirt allows you to carry a handgun in a tucked position without worrying about it showing through your clothing.

When shopping for a holster shirt, look for one made with dark fabric to help hide the gun from onlookers. Also, look for a shirt with a long tail to make it easier to tuck it under your waistband when wearing tucked IWB holsters.

Some of these shirts also include pockets on both sides to allow for ambidextrous carry and are padded to break up the weapon’s outline. It makes them even more concealable. Experiment with different positioning and angles to find the best one for you.


An outside-the-waistband holster is a good option for those who want to carry their firearm on the hip. Many designs, including IWB holsters, can be worn tucked in with a Kydex appendix holster for an easy-to-access carrying position.

When shopping for shirts for concealed carry, look for ones with long tails so they can be tucked into the waistband of your pants without the holster clips showing. Also, choose shirts with back padding to reduce the risk of your gun contacting your pants.

Finally, buy your shirts larger than you usually wear to accommodate the added bulk of your weapon and holster. It will help prevent snags and friction that impede your draw, defense, or comfort.


Shirts designed for concealed carry offer a great mix of comfort and protection. They often feature a variety of pockets for carrying extra magazines, flashlights, emergency supplies, and other accessories. They also have a hidden pocket that can be used to hide a cell phone or other small items.

Some shirts are also designed to conceal an IWB holster in the back pocket. It allows you to keep your firearm secure in a discreet location while being easily accessible.

It’s important to remember that a gun and holster will add bulk to your waistline. That may require you to choose pants with belt loops that are a waist size larger than you typically wear. Ensures the holster will be comfortably hidden and won’t interfere with your sitting or walking movements.


Choosing the fitting shirt for concealed carry is more than covering and concealing a weapon—your work situation, body style, and carrying method all factor into your final decision.

You’ll need a holster if you carry your gun in the FBI stance, which is inclined toward your front. It can reduce printing while enabling relaxed, simple drawing.

Other considerations include whether you plan to tuck your holster shirt into pants with belt loops. Those with belt loops will likely need to size up their pant width to accommodate the extra weight of the gun and holster. Try out several different holsters and carry positions to find the best one