How Can An MBA From A Top-Tier College Leverage Your Career

Pursuing an MBA degree could open doors to numerous possibilities for growth and learning. If you’re an MBA aspirant or someone who is keen on making it big in the business industry, you must know an MBA is the right choice for you. If you want to embark on a global career with diverse opportunities an MBA can help you ace the skills required and make you industry-ready.

So if you’re thinking of applying to an MBA college in Kolkata, there are plenty that can provide you with an MBA degree. But looking at the competitive hustle in the business world it is important that you pursue this course from a renowned institute. You want to pick the one that gives the best business training under the most skilled professionals.

Rev up your career with one of the best MBA colleges in Kolkata!

In this rapidly changing and expanding industry, it is important that you are up-to-date with the latest business trends and how to make the most out of them. You have to have in-depth knowledge of the newest technologies and master you with golden insights that can help you become a competent leader and manager in the business world.

With an MBA degree from a renowned institute, you can enhance your credibility as a business professional, expand your network, and increase your career opportunities and earning potential.

But, along with top-notch education wouldn’t it be an added bonus when you get placed in top MNC companies?

Bengal Institute of Business Studies is one of the best MBA colleges in Kolkata that offers the best MBA programs that provide a unique blend of academic rigor, industry exposure, and personal development to its students. Pursuing an MBA degree from BIBS can provide you with several benefits. From the industry-best faculty and diverse specializations, BIBS has it all.

Why choose BIBS?  

With so many colleges and institutes to choose from you can bet that BIBS has facilities like no other institute. They train you under the best guidance in accordance with industry standards and help you become a well-rounded and competent business professional. Let’s have a look at what they offer and how will BIBS make you stand out in the competitive market.

  • BIBS offers a regular full-time course affiliated with Vidyasagar university, NAAC Accredited, and W.B State Government University, recognized by UGC, the Ministry of HRD, and the Government of India.
  • They are the only Business School in West Bengal with an A** rating from Crisil.
  • BIBS ranked as the 2nd Best Business School in Kolkata and the 3rd Best Business School in Eastern India by The Times of India B-School Survey for 4 consecutive years, in 2018 – 2021.
  • It is awarded among the Best Education Brands by The Economic Times.
  • It ranked among the top 10 Non-Government Business Schools, by The Week.
  • It is one of the top 100 Fastest Growing Education Institutes in the Business School Category in Asia.
  • It provides top-level education with a team of the best industry professionals.
  • There are a number of specializations to choose from and it has a wide curriculum
  • BIBS provides international Exposure through Exchange Program with Institutes like MDIS, Singapore.
  • They offer comprehensive knowledge about the industry with practical and live projects to make you industry ready.
  • BIBS has a Management Guest Inspire Series under which they have had more than 50 sessions with 200+ corporate leaders including dignitaries like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Chetan Bhagat, and Kapil Dev.
  • The World CSR Council awarded BIBS with the Corporate Excellence Award for Education Institute with the Best Academic and Industry Interface.

BIBS offers a holistic development program that focuses on developing your personal skills, such as communication, leadership, and team management. The training you get at BIBS can help you crack your dream job interviews and help you grow and learn how you can thrive in a dynamic and ever-changing business environment.

Courses At BIBS

BIBS has a wide range of specializations, which allows you to choose a field of study that aligns with your interests and career goals. Additionally, BIBS has a wide curriculum that covers various aspects of business management, including management principles, economics, accounting, organizational behavior, strategy, and more. Let’s have a look at the programs offered by BIBS:

MBA in Business Management

The 2-year Business management course at BIBS encapsulates a detailed learning of advanced business management skills and knowledge. Also, you get to interact with experienced industry experts, which improves both your networking skills and your understanding of the business world. The course strives to train young, competent management professionals who can apply their talents and services to any industry, whether it be in the public or private sector.

MBA in Supply Chain Management

BIBS offers a 2-year course in Supply Chain Management that focuses on overseeing the entire logistics and back-end processes of a company unit. The training at BIBS starts with intense classroom learning, followed by 12 months of industrial training that adepts students with industry experience in sync with business learning. Students get to experience real-world business ethics via internships and training projects. The Tech Mahindra placement wing and the BIBS 3 – tiered placement cell bring the industry’s best companies to recruit students for their Final Placements.

MBA in Digital Marketing

The 2-year MBA in Digital Marketing focuses on preparing you to adopt new technologies, experiment with industry norms, create new marketing campaigns, evaluate marketing data, and assess various marketing trends. It encompasses the management side of marketing along with a range of media techniques, creative learning, and innovative thinking. The DMI PRO certification at BIBS is considered the Global Standard for Digital Marketing education. Students who successfully complete the DMI PRO certification will have the chance to apply for an internship in Australia.

MBA in Financial Management

BIBS offers a 2 years MBA course in Financial Management. It provides in-depth learning about the intricacies of how to efficiently handle a company’s finances. Topics like accounting, risk management, asset management, and pricing are covered in this course. You will gain critical financial industry skills such as analyzing company reports, maximizing stock value, balancing risk and profitability and predicting market trends. With an MBA in Financial Management, you can become a financial manager, finance analyst, account manager, bank manager, etc.

MBA in Executive Management

The MBA executive program at BIBS aims to upgrade business executives and give them equal opportunities. It provides a broad overview of the key concepts, tools, and techniques required to successfully meet the challenges of today’s global business environment. With an EMBA degree from BIBS, you can acquire a wider skill set that will inevitably lead to higher pay. And it helps you stand out among your coworkers as a more capable performance. With your improved skill set, you will undoubtedly provide better results, boosting the revenue of your firm.

MBA in Business Analytics and Data Science

The MBA program at BIBS is in collaboration with IBM which makes students industry ready for business analytics and data science. Additionally, IBM gives its students access to its talent network, enabling them to apply for jobs as soon as they become available. With an MBA in Business Analytics and Data Science you can become a There are a plethora of opportunities for an MBA holder, and it opens avenues for a number of career options to choose from. After pursuing this degree you can become a Data Analyst, Supply Chain Analyst, Product Manager, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, or Information Architect.

BIBS- shaping global leaders for a better tomorrow

BIBS is one of the best MBA college in Kolkata with a dream team of skilled industry professionals training students with extensive knowledge of every business sector, shaping them to take on the business world. It equips you with real business world skills as well as classroom learning.  Additionally, BIBS has established partnerships with various industry bodies and companies, which provide opportunities for internships, live projects, and placements.