Heart & 3 2 5 Online Card Game Rules

3 2 5 card game

Rules of Heart Card Game

Hearts  is a strategy game that requires 4 players and a deck of game cards with 52 Aces and 2 Aces. The aim of this game is to have a few points if one can reach 100 points.


Before the game can begin, a vendor must be selected. Each player draws one card in a marked area. A player with a low card becomes a trader. The dealer shuffles the deck and transfers 13 cards in a clock sequence to each player.

How to play?

A player with 2 teams always earns first with that card. If you go to the left of 2 Clubs, players must follow and try to balance the cards in the game. If they can’t follow up, any card can be played with a lead suit and sing another one. If, in the first program, a player does not have Clubs like these two, he will not be able to play any Hearts or Queen of Spades. The trophy winner leads the next round.

Scoring goals?

When all the cards are played, players look at their winning tactics and count Hearts and Queen of Spades. Hearts have 1 point each and the Queen of Spades costs 13 points. Players want to avoid winning tricks by hearts card game and Queen of Spades as much as possible. If, however, the player wins all hearts and Queen of Spades in the game, the player “Shoots the Moon” and does not get points while all other players get 26 points.

3 2 5 Rules of the Card Game

Drawing Cards

One of the exciting rules of the 3 2 5 card game allows the winner to take out cards to the losers. In this card game, you have to win a certain number of tricks to win the game, and if you do not, the winning player will snatch different cards in your hand in the next round.

For example, if you are a trump player and have won 6 games and the dealer has won only 1 trick, a trump card could take one in the next game. However, the winner cannot identify the card he is taking and will not be able to return the card he just picked up, and the card must have three cards in the same suit.

Another way to choose a trump suit

If you do not want the cutter to announce the trumpet suit, this method may work. In many real money games, people decide that the 7th card given to a 5-player player will be a trumpet. You can follow another method of removing the trumpet card, but this one is the simplest and most popular.

There will be no game without a trump suit

According to the rules of the card game 3 2 5, if any player does not have a trump suit card, he can declare “No Trump-No Party.” In this way, the dealer is forced to rearrange the cards and start the game again.

Additional prizes

If any player wins all 10 points, the person will be rewarded with an additional 5 points in addition to the usual 10 points. Under the rules of the game 2 3 5 card games, the winner can take 5 cards from his competitors for the right amount.

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