Discover Egypt’s Ancient Landmarks

Okay, let’s talk about the obvious first, Egypt is renowned for its rich history and most holidaymakers visit looking to realise their childhood archaeological dreams!

Egypt is home to mesmerising culture and history, with landmarks like the Sphinx, the Pyramids of Giza, and the Valley of the Kings. These primaeval structures are among the best-maintained examples of ancient Egyptian art and architecture and are a must-visit for anybody interested in archaeology or history. On top of these legendary sites, there are also various other prehistoric tombs, temples, and museums to discover, providing a wealth of insights and information into the abundance of the country.

2023 has been made EXTRA special thanks to the Grand Egyptian Museum FINALLY opening its doors! Once open, the museum will certainly be among the best on the planet, with more than 100,000 artefacts and amazing exhibits such as the whole treasure collection of King TUT.

Get a Good Bang for Your Travel Budget

Among the key reasons for visiting Egypt in 2023 is the fact that it is a relatively cost-effective destination, providing great value for your travel budget when it comes to food, accommodation, and activities. In comparison to other top tourist destinations, Egypt has competitive prices on a broad range of travel services, which makes it appealing for holidaymakers. On top of the reduced costs, Egypt also has a robust tourism sector, with a slew of alternatives and services to suit every preference and budget. This implies that travellers can revel in a high-quality travel experience without digging deep into their pockets. Moreover, the nation’s favourable exchange rate suggests that travellers have a chance of getting more value for money, making it an appealing destination for budget-conscious visitors.

Given how the exchange rates have been fluctuating, it has translated into difficult economic times for locals. So be mindful of this aspect and tip generously if you are in a position to. You can use this tipping guide to assist you traverse your adventure through Egypt!

You can find the most popular packages on cruise down the Nile. Also, if you need any guidance for travelling in Egypt, you can get in touch with ‘Egypt Experts’ who will guide you through the process with facts & advice.

Sample the Delicious Egyptian Cuisine

Egypt has a varied and rich culinary tradition, with a broad range of drinks and dishes to try out. From grilled meats and spicy stews to refreshing juices and sweet pastries, there is something for every taste bud. On top of the traditional cuisine on offer, Egypt also houses many international cafes and restaurants providing a range of cuisines from across the globe. Additionally, Egypt is a very vegan and vegetarian-friendly destination.

Like seriously, where can you sit down for brunch, with a scenic view like this?

Familiarise Yourself with the Vibrant Music and Arts Scene

The music and arts scene in Egypt is diverse and vibrant, with a lot of contemporary and traditional performances to revel in. Travellers can experience early music and dance performances, in addition to modern art exhibitions and music festivals. On top of these cultural events, Egypt also has a lot of galleries and museums highlighting the nation’s rich artistic history, in addition to modern works by international and local artists.

Must visits for creatives: Museum of Islamic Art, Khan el Khalili Market

Enjoy the warm and sunny climate.

For outdoor enthusiasts and beach lovers, the warm and sunny climate makes Egypt a great destination. With its Red Sea and Mediterranean coasts, Egypt features crystal-clear waters and beautiful beaches for snorkelling, swimming, and other water sports. On top of the pristine beaches, the warm climate makes Egypt an excellent place to carry out outdoor activities like desert safaris, biking, and hiking.

Make Egypt a Base for Regional Exploration

Given how the country is situated at the crossroads of the Middle East and Africa, Egypt is well-positioned to be a base for exploring the area.