CenturyLink: worth it in 2022?

CenturyLink internet

You can get up to 940 megabits per second (Mbps) of internet speed depending on where you reside and the plan you choose, as well as a variety of phone and TV packages. As a bonus, you don’t have to sign a contract.


No contracts – you can cancel at any time.

Includes Norton Internet security for a wide range of connection speeds


Only DSL and fiber internet are available, no cable.

One of the reasons CenturyLink made to the list of the best internet service providers is because it offers fast speeds at a reasonable price. It provides reliable internet service for household use, dedicated plans for business usage, and phone and TV packages if you’d like to go all-in on the service.

Other benefits include not signing a contract and knowing exactly how much your monthly cost will be, thanks to CenturyLink’s Price for Life promise. Unless you reside in an area where fiber CenturyLink internet is available, CenturyLink’s DSL internet will be slower.

Availability of CenturyLink

To help you get started, CenturyLink offers tutorials, speed testing, and residential internet service in 37 states, including Florida, Arizona, Louisiana, Texas, Washington, and Utah. If you need help resolving a problem at home, you may also contact the company’s customer service team by email, phone, or live chat or look through the company’s extensive online documentation.

Prices and plans from CenturyLink

CenturyLink claims its website has the greatest internet plans and packages deals. You may get CenturyLink’s internet service for about $49 a month for speeds up to 100Mbps if you’re okay with paperless billing. It’s important to remember that the fastest speeds aren’t available in every location.

The following are the most popular options at the moment:

From $49 a year, you may have 15Mbps to 100Mbps for life.

$65 for CenturyLink 940 Mbps Fiber Internet access

Unlike the Fiber Internet plan, CenturyLink’s Price for Life promise ensures that you will always pay the same monthly fee for the service. At $65 a month, Fiber Internet is a viable choice for heavy internet users.

Additionally, you might save money by purchasing multiple items in a package. You may, for example, bundle internet access with a landline phone. Starting at $65 a month, you can have internet speeds of up to 940Mbps and unlimited home phone service in a bundle. Again, the lower charges come with a caveat: paperless billing.

CenturyLink and DISH have teamed up to provide a variety of TV bundles to customers. The 290+ channel plan costs $94.99 per month and is available for as little as $59.99 per month. That’s a lot of TV; only Comcast Xfinity can match these packages.

The Speed of CenturyLink

In terms of download speeds, CenturyLink’s DSL service now offers download speeds ranging from 15 Mbps to 100 Mbps. No matter which end of the speed spectrum you can access, your monthly fee will remain the same. According to independent testing, the most frequent internet speed is 20Mbps. Therefore, CenturyLink should be able to meet your demands if you’re a light internet user.

You can get up to 940Mbps with CenturyLink’s Fiber Internet if you’re a heavy internet user who enjoys playing online games and streaming movies. One terabyte of data is included in every CenturyLink internet package, which is quite common.

Verizon Internet(opens in new tab) offers more flexible plans and better speeds, but at a greater price.

CenturyLink: This plan has a variety of options.

Your internet package includes 11 email accounts with a total storage capacity of around 5 GB. Also included is Norton Antivirus. A low-income plan is available from CenturyLink if necessary, but you must meet the requirements.

Slower and lower-tier solutions from CenturyLink don’t impress. For the most part, however, you can only stream movies and music via the internet when you have access to a fast enough connection (such as a dedicated line with at least 20Mbps).

If you don’t already have the greatest internet security software(opens in a new tab) on your side, it might be worth the extra $5 a month to add Secure WiFi to your plan.

If you don’t want to buy a modem, you can rent one from CenturyLink for up to $15 per month. However, you can save money by purchasing the modem for $150 if you plan to use the provider’s internet service for more than ten months. Modem orders are subject to a $50 shipping and handling fee.

Is CenturyLink Internet a good choice for you?

The frequency and nature of your internet usage will determine whether CenturyLink is a good fit for your needs. Fast internet speeds are needed if you frequently watch or download large files, such as movies or music. Internet and home phone bundles and several TV packages are available owing to a partnership with DISH.