Book Service Instantly For Your Water Purifier Needs

Water purifiers are an essential tool in our homes that we need daily. The water purifier is always working at its full capacity 24×7, all days of the week. Therefore, once in a while, it can slow down or malfunction.

Call The Experts

In such cases calling the water purifier service near me in Mumbai is the first thing you should do. Qualified and trained technicians will show up at your doorstep to assess the condition of your water purifier.

Remember, since it is a machine, the problem could lie anywhere. It could be one of the parts or the feed water supply itself, causing the water purifier to malfunction. The technician will correctly assess the situation to locate the problem. They will offer you a holistic solution and fix the issue in no time.

Hiring a professional service to fix the water purifier issues is the best move since water always have to be of top quality. Compromised servicing means compromised water quality, and that is dangerous for health.

Book Free Water Test Before Installation

Regardless of the type of water purifier you buy, you first must do water testing. Hire a professional from RO service near me in Mumbai to test the waters. The service provider will tell you the water quality in your home. You can schedule your servicing routines depending on your area’s TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).

High contamination levels mean the impurified water can cause backflow and go into the purified one. You need regular servicing for high TDS water, which means a higher level of minerals and other particulate matter. Or else it will clog the filter membrane, reducing the efficiency of the water purifier.

Ioniser Installation

The TDS affects not only the efficiency of the water purifier but also the water quality. Water is always alkaline by nature. However, dissolved solids mean more charged particles in water. That alters the pH level of the water, sometimes making it acidic.

When you contact a professional, they can install an ioniser or replace the old one. If you live in a locality with a high TDS level, install a water ioniser and connect it to your water purifier. As the water purifier removes all the contaminants, some essential minerals can also go missing. Here is where the water ioniser comes into the scene. It will add essential ions like calcium, potassium, and others into the water.

Softener Installation

Experienced professionals will install water softeners to treat hard water. Avoid any risk by installing it yourself. Generally, the water purifier is enough to purify the water. However, a higher TDS level calls for an extra purification layer.

The technician will connect the water softener and purifier to the main water feed. It ensures double cleaning and purification methods. Of course, the softener will just turn hard water into soft water. Therefore, you need the water purifier to add essential minerals to restore the quality and taste of the water.

Hire Professional Maintenance Service

After installation, the machine will provide excellent service for months. But one needs to get proper maintenance on a fixed schedule. It ensures the long life and effective functioning of the water purifier. The professional service provider will detail the maintenance method for the water purifier.

Call the maintenance service depending on the water quality and the water purifier’s capacity. The number of people using the water purifier also affects its efficiency of the water purifier.

The professional will fix any underlying issue with advanced methods of cleaning the contaminants from the water filter and softener. The technician will also replace any faulty parts. The membrane is one of the parts that stop working due to clogging. They will install a new membrane.

Hire experienced professionals to get the best service possible. Proper servicing of the water purifier ensures that it stays functional for months. Additionally, professional servicing is cost-effective in the long run.

Save Money On Repair With Spare Parts

Maintenance costs can pile up if the schedules are far apart. Preventive and corrective maintenance services ensure the safety and long life of the equipment. As age affects efficiency, decide if spare parts are enough to ensure effective purification. If it is a single part of the water purifier, go for a spare part rather than replacing it.