7 Items That You Need for Your Next TV Binge-Watching Session

 fluffy blankets

Sometimes you just want a day of relaxation. Not much can top having a tv binge-watching session and we are here to help ensure you can elevate it to the next level.

With so many incredible streaming services at our disposal these days, it has never been easier to get sucked into endless hours of watching tv shows. How can you resist stopping when you just watched the most intense season finale cliffhanger and know that the next season is available to you too? You have to find out what happens next, otherwise, it will literally consume your thoughts and prevent you from sleeping.

While we fully support your binge-watching activities, laying in one position for so long can be exhausting and hard on the body. But there is a range of items that can help elevate your level of comfort. From cuddling under fluffy blankets to drinks that will help keep you feeling great, here are the must-have top items

1. A Really Good Whiskey

If you happen to find yourself on a tv marathon for Game of Thrones, then you have to sip on the Game of Thrones whiskey while doing so. There is literally nothing better to pair your entertainment with and will likely elevate your obsession with the series to a whole new level. The whiskey is not just a gimmick either. It has been aged for over a decade and pays homage to all the key characters of the show. It is safe to say that the whiskey tastes as good as the show is to watch.

2. Lots of Fluffy Blankets

To make your binge-watching space more enjoyable, you are going to need a lot of fluffy blankets. Not only do fluffy blankets provide support and warmth, but they can transform just about any space into one that is cozy and you can enjoy being in for hours on end. You can have your binge-watching session in just about any room of the house—from your living room to your bedroom. Fluffy blankets will go with you to any of these rooms and be the staple piece you need to get you through the next season of your favorite show.

3. A Smart Television

Not only do you need a good show to binge-watch, but you need a great television to watch these shows on. Televisions have been elevated to the next level. In fact, it is now affordable for the everyday household to have a smart tv. You will be able to watch your shows in a way that you never could have imagined, with the HD capabilities literally ou of this world. Plus, you can control your television through Amazon Alexa, letting you pause, rewind or skip with simply the command of your voice.

4. Comfortable Sweats

Not only does your room need to be cozy, but you should be wearing cozy clothes as well. There is no reason to watch hours of television in your jeans. Instead, throw on your favorite pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt so that you can feel cozy throughout every single episode. The baggier the better when it comes to comfortable sweatpants to binge-watch your shows. You have no one to impress, so the only factor that matters when it comes to your attire is comfort.

5. A Diffuser

If you are going to be watching your shows for a while and in the same room, then it is the perfect time to elevate the ambiance of the space with a diffuser. You can really elevate the whole experience by having scents of mind, cedar, or lavender puff into the room for hours on end. It will not only create a blissful atmosphere but make you feel more relaxed than you ever thought possible.

6. A Big Beanbag

While your couch or bed are great pieces of furniture to watch your favorite television series in, nothing makes a binge-watching session feel more special than doing so in a really big beanbag. In fact, grab your fuzzy blanket and plop into your beanbag and you will never want to get up. It doesn’t matter how old you are, bean bags are always going to bring so much joy and elevate any binge-watching session.

7. Healthy Snacks and Water

They don’t call it a tv marathon for anything. If you are going to commit to multiple hours of watching your favorite season, then make sure you come prepared. Make yourself some healthy snacks and fill up a water bottle in advance of your show starting. That way you have everything you need right by you as you begin to get sucked in.


There are so many ways to make your binge-watching session even better. From a fuzzy blanket to a calming diffuser, what will you do to further enhance the atmosphere?