5 Things to consider before buying scrubs

medical scrubs in Australia

Australia ranks among the top countries in the world for providing affordable and high-quality healthcare to its citizens. Medical professionals require the right accessories and equipment

 to provide patients with the best care.

Among them, medical scrubs are extremely important. Scrubs protect the wearer and the patients from cross-contamination, contagious diseases and other unpredictable situations in a medical setting.

Since scrubs have diverse use, finding the best quality medical scrubs in Australia should be done carefully. You should keep the following factors in mind to get your hands on the best quality scrubs.

Read on for the details.

  1. Fit and comfort

Medical professionals in Australia work an average of 35-40 hours per week, and it can’t be done in uncomfortable clothing. So, before looking for scrubs, know your measurements to get the best fit. Medical scrubs have a loose fit, so you have ease of movement. But you don’t want too loose scrubs, as ill-fitted scrubs look unprofessional and cause work hazards.

You also don’t want your scrubs to be too tight, as they could restrict your movement. It is best to try on a couple of sizes to know what looks and feels the best.

The neck cut of your scrubs can also add to your comfort. You get a mock wrap, V-neck, and round and square shapes. Pick the cut that you feel the most comfortable. Also, make sure you are adhering to uniform restrictions by your employer before purchasing.

  1. Dress Code

Many healthcare facilities and hospitals have colour-coded scrubs for different departments to differentiate nurses, doctors, receptionists and other professionals. Colour coding differs from place to place, so you should know the colour scheme of your workplace.

When buying coloured scrubs, invest in good quality so the colour doesn’t bleed and lasts long.

  1. Pockets

Pockets are useful for keeping various items like scissors, test results, prescriptions, alcohol pads, stethoscopes and more. So, you want to buy scrub tops and pants with pockets to carry the necessary items throughout your shift. However, you should remember not to overload the pockets with too many things that may cause hindrance in movement and affect the job. If having pockets is not much of a necessity, you can also get scrubs with no pockets.

  1. Fabric quality

Quality should be your topmost priority when choosing medical scrubs in Australia. When picking out scrubs, going for the cheapest is not a good idea as they won’t last long and offer the protection you need at the workplace.

Scrubs come in different fabrics like cotton, cotton blend and other fabrics. You must check if the material is comfortable and soft on your skin.

Depending on your work, you may go for anti-microbial and stain-resistant scrubs. Some scrubs may also have moisture-wicking properties that can keep you comfortable if you are prone to sweating. You also get anti-fade and anti-wrinkle options in scrubs that can minimise your efforts on maintenance.

So, ensure your scrub has all the properties you need and don’t mind paying a little more for scrubs that can last you for several years.

  1. Underclothes

You must take into account what you are going to wear underneath your scrub. Ideally, your scrub should be able to cover what you wear inside. Also, the scrub must be thick enough to cover the body properly if you choose not to wear anything under the scrub.

Unless your employer is stringent about scrubs, you can experiment with different styles and designs. You can get scrubs in different neck designs, collar types and other stylish features that can make you look and feel good. But don’t go overboard with your purchase. To get the best deals, try buying scrubs during sales.