4 Best Attractions to Experience in UAE

Travelling has a positive impact on our lives. It broadens our perspective, exposes us to new cultures and ways of life, and helps us develop empathy and understanding for others. Additionally, it can also improve our mental health by reducing stress and increasing feelings of happiness and fulfillment. Many cherished memories can be made with loved ones. UAE is a great place to visit in your free time. The rich culture and history as well as lavish malls and resorts provide it a unique place with all of the amenities. The sand dunes together with the mountain ranges offer an unparalleled view of the undiscovered areas.

While planning your trip you may encounter some time constraints. So to make the planning process hassle-free, find 4 best attractions to check out while visiting Dubai.

1-The Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain is one of the trademark of Emirati achievements. At allotted times, this fountain offers. It hasĀ a stunning water show followed by music and lights, attracting millions of sightseers, every year. The fountain is located in the epicenter of new Dubai, opposite to the iconic Burj Khalifa. It is considered one of the best fountains around the globe. Its water jets can shoot up to 500 feet high, creating a mesmerizing display that reflects the city’s modernity and innovation. Visit this remarkable site through Booking.com offers.

2-The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is an enormous shopping plaza. It is located in the heart of Dubai and boasts over 1,200 retail stores, including high-end designer brands. Furthermore, the mall features a large aquarium which has exotic sea creatures inside. An ice rink to escape the unbearable heat of the UAE. The cinema complex plays a huge amount of local as well as international films. An expansive food court is present to satisfy your hunger after all the hustle. It also features a resort to help you wind down and rids you off tiredness. A link to the public transportation is also available which makes it very accessible.

3-Burj Al Arab

If you are looking for a good place stay for your holidays in Dubai then check out Burj Al Arab. It is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world and offers stunning views of the city and the Arabian Gulf. The hotel also has a range of amenities including a private beach. Multiple dining options are available to cater many tastes for example Italian, French or just the widely accepted continental food. A spa is also present to prioritize your health. A metro station is located near it for ease of accessibility.

4-Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

If you want a refreshing experience in the scorching heat of UAE then visit Atlantis Aqua venture Waterpark. It contains a wide array of different types of slides for the most exciting experience. The special Surf up wave rider provides a thrilling ride. With a full day pass you can also get to see the dolphin show, with a breathtaking display of many coordinated skills by the dolphins and instructors. Also, get access to the premium aquarium with a vast assortment of sea creatures.